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Operating a Business in Germany - Things You Should Know!

Freelancers: If you are offering a business service as a freelancer, you only need to apply for a tax number at the Tax Authority Office of the Municipality (Finanzamt) where you will be practicing. You may also need to register with relevant professional association. Since in some cases there is a fine line between operating as a freelancer and as a business, it is wise to double check with the tax authority whether the service that you want to offer belongs to the freelance professions.

Taxation in Germany, as in every country, can be a very complicated subject. In order to insure that all issues regarding German tax law, business management and choosing the correct legal structure, it is advisable to use the services of a professional tax consultant. If you have employees in Germany, failure to meet Germany regulatory requirements can lead to termination of business in Germany. U. S. Government contractors and other businesses operating in Germany employee should seek the advice of a Germany Steuerberatungs (Accountant).

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